Information Security

Virtual Private Network

CPS VPN Service Request Form

Please fill out the CPS VPN Service Request Form in order to request a CPS VPN service. All VPN Requests are subject to final approval by OTS.

Minimum Requirements

Your PC system should meet the following set of hardware/software Minimum Requirements. Additionally, your PC should have current Anti-Virus software and recommended OS/Application patches installed.

Installation Guide

Please refer to the Client Installation Guide for simple installation procedures. This is a service you can easily install on your own.

Please choose your operating system to start the VPN Client installation:

Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows ME
Windows XP Windows 98  

New Connect VPN Site (

If you have been migrated to the new VPN system please refer to the Connect Client Installation Guide. If you do not use the connect site please use the client and instructions located above.

VPN Upgrade

New VPN clients are published on this site in order to provide you with an increased level of service. Please ensure you are running the latest client.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions could be found in the VPN Client FAQ's.




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    Client Installation Guide

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